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that has brought down cia director david petraeus is down staring general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. the pentagon says the fbi has uncovered thousands of potentially inappropriate emails between allen and jill kelley, the woman who complained of harassment from petraeus' lover, paula broadwell. her complaint to the fbi led to the discovery of broadwell and petraeus's relationship, prompting his resignation on friday. allen succeeded petraeus in afghanistan last year. the pentagon says allen will remain the u.s. commander in afghanistan for now, but the plans to nominate him to become nato's supreme allied commander are on hold pending the outcome of an investigation. on monday night, fbi agents continued their probe by searching broadwell's north carolina home. as the obama administration faces turmoil with two top military leaders, reports are continuing to emerge of the potential makeup of its second term cabinet. according to the washington post, massachusetts senator and former presidential candidate john kerry has emerged as a potential candidate to
age to 67 and cap benefit hikes under social security. obama and house speaker john boehner are due to begin negotiations friday on averting the so-called fiscal cliff of expiring tax cuts and automatic spending reductions set to take effect at the end of the year. speaking in washington, treasury secretary timothy geithner stressed the urgency of reaching a deal. >> i know the cliff is unattractive. it would cause a lot of damage to the american economy. a careful about those who argue and urge for "let's just extend while we negotiate." it will leave a different source of uncertainty on the table, like what would give the people the incentive to come back and do something tough. >> millions of workers in europe have joined a general strike today protesting the wave of spending cuts and tax hikes that has swept the continent in the name of austerity. spanish and portuguese workers are coordinating their strike with work stoppages also planned in greece, italy, france and belgium. we will have more on the strike after headlines. closing arguments have ended in a pretrial hearing to
, explorer john lloyd stephens wrote, "standing as they do "in the depth of a tropical forest, "silent and solemn, "their whole history so entirely unknown..." "with hieroglyphics explaining all, "but perfectly unintelligible. "who shall read them ?" could anyone read these odd markings ? for more than a century, they tried. but the story of the maya people, if these glyphs could reveal it, remained locked in stone. had the maya recorded their history ? many ancient people who used writing did not. in fact, writing was first used for a very different purpose. around 8000 b.c., the world's earliest farmers had settled in mesopotamia, a region of the middle east that includes iraq and iran. in their hands, desert became rich farmland, as iigation agriculture was born. the people bartered for goods and paid taxes. record-keeping was begun, with goods represented by abstract tokens. these led to writing, according to denise schmandt-besserat, professor of mid-eastern studies. schmandt-besserat: each of these shapes was meaningful. the cone probably stood for a unit of grain, a small unit o
more in taxes. >> house speaker john boehner argued against any tax rises -- tax hikes. >> instead of raising taxes on americans, let's begin to solve the problems. let's focus on tax reform, closing the loopholes and tax rates. instead of an arbitrary cuts that will endanger our defense, but consumers about entitling -- short of the entitlement programs. >> in haiti, turn to rains and floods have killed 11 people and left thousands homeless. just two weeks after he was devastated by hurricane sandy, rivers have overflowed, crops have been destroyed, and aid workershey are in dire need of supplies. >> we have 150 people here with only 12 sacks of bread. they gave us four cases of jews this morning. the world food program brought two packs of cookies for each one. we have handicapped people here, women who give birth last night. we have nothing for them. >> and the york region is continuing its slow recovery, retain sunday -- slow recovery from hurricane sandy. officials say the storm caused more than $50 billion in damages to the new york region, making it the country's costliest s
clinton. flanked by fellow republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina, senator john mccain of arizona vowed to thwart any senate confirmation for rice. >> let's see what happens here, but we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination that is within our power as far susan rice is concerned. while we await the findings and recommendations of the internal review of the big as the attack by the administration, it is essential for congress to conduct its own independent assessment. there is no credibility amongst most of us concerning the administration and the numerous controversies and contradictions that have been involved in their handling of this issue. >> responding at a news conference in washington, president obama defended rice and issued a challenge to her detractors. >> senator mccain and senator gramm and others want to go after someone, they should go after me. and i'm happy to have that discussion with them. but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi? and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had
not venture? amongst several of my interests here at johns hopkins has been a concern that doctors are accepting both "do not resuscitate" orders and a willingness to think about killing patients in a fashion that we think is a slippery slope to killing more patients, to ignoring the value that sick patients still have to themselves and the world, and ultimately to the coarsening of the character of the doctors who think in that way. alex capron: like anything, we're always dealing with a swinging pendulum, and in some cases, we probably go too far. and there's always a risk that while many of the older doctors today had to be schooled out of the "do everything" view, some of the youngest doctors coming along who've never experienced that probably are too much in the other direction. but... i don't know if the pendulum will ever come to rest right in the middle. we're always dealing with a social movement, as it were, of which medicine is a part. some people believe th the ideof patient self-determination should be extended a step further: the step of saying the patient should not
or to their sweet floral scent. they can offer so much more. just ask john clemons, a flower farmer for more than 20 years now. you can step onto his farm in the town of jamul and think it looks similar to the other dozens of flower farms in san diego county. but look a little closer, and you'll discover a sweet surprise. >> in the mid-nineties, i was lookin' through a book, came across a recipe for crystallized violets, and i thought, hmm. egg whites, dip the flower in. throw it in sugar. roll it around. put it down. it dries, and you have something crunchy that's nonperishable. it's completely dried, and it's sugarcoated. i thought, "oh, my god. cold food side. they could use 'em on desserts. i've gotta figure out how to do this." >> imagine your favorite flowers turned into sugary tastes of heaven. that is exactly the idea that john set out to accomplish, to make a sweeter, better-tasting edible flower that he grew himself, the likes of which nobody had seen or heard of before, not even his girlfriend at the time, that is until their first date. >> i brought her a little tray of crystallized viol
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)